Daring Do NES Trailer + Demo

Daring Do NES Demo

Not far too long ago a trailer was released for a retraux Daring Do platformer. What flew past everypony's radar was that a demo for the game came out within a couple days of the trailer's premiere, and I must say that it's pretty good. We'll get around to reviewing it when the full thing comes out, but let me say that it is fairly challenging and should take a decent amount of time to complete due the the length. The retraux feel of the game is also quite nice, although purists will cry foul upon the realization that the game uses more colours then were available on the NES.

Also, the game runs pretty well on Mac/Linux in Wine, although for audio to work you will need to install dsound and directmusic via winetricks. Doing the same thing for other fangames created with Game Maker often reduces the amount of audio-related issues that you'll encounter, although your mileage may vary.
- Tuxxy

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