My Little Game Jam

One of the more unfortunate aspects of my being given control over the site was that I could not afford to hold game development contests like we used to. Some of our fandom's most well-known fangames were spawned during those contests such as Story of the Blanks during our Creepypasta Game Contest, and Super Filly Adventure during the Brony Day Terraria Giveaway (although it seems that silly ol' Strawberry Spice forgot to give the winner his prize). The newly-spawned My Little Game Jam is a similar contest and to enter one must create an entire game by yourself within 48 hours. Sounds easy, no? Not so fast, bucko. The game also has to be created entirely from scratch, so you have to draw all the sprites, make all the music and program all the stuff by yourself. Lovely, eh? 

Of course we can't wait to see what you guys will make during this contest, but before entering we would advise that you visit the contest's website at and check out all the details first, just so that you don't accidentally break any rules in your entry.
- Tuxxy

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