Daring Do vs. the Everfree Forest


If any of you remember remember Pitfall! or know what it is, you deserve a medal. The very first platformer ever created, Pitfall was a major hit back when it was released, selling over 4 million copies and was the second best-selling game on the Atari 2600. One thing that the game has always lacked, however, was ponies. Sure the game had an awesome little man, snappy crocodiles and horrible scorpions but not a single equine was included in any of the game's releases until the release of this mod. Daring Do vs. the Everfree Forest is a brand-new ponified mod of Pitfall that replaces Pitfall Harry with Daring Do and the various monsters with pony-related ones. Unlike some more recent projects this game stays true to the original system's technical limitations which is a huge plus for those of us that remember playing the original.

Daring Do vs. the Everfree Forest can be found at http://daring.do/, where you can either play the game online via a java emulator or download it to play on your emulator of choice. Have fun!
- Tuxxy

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