MLP FiM: The Lost Kingdom Gameplay Footage

MLP FiM: The Lost Kingdom

Back in late July we posted about a very interesting RPG titled MLP FiM: The Lost Kingdom that was of an unusually high quality and managed to overcome some rather annoying colour limitations in RPG Maker 2003. The creator was quite grateful for us featuring his project as it was virtually unknown up until that point, and even wrote two rather nice thank you posts (found here and here). However up until yesterday there was a distinct lack of actual gameplay footage for the Lost Kingdom. Mind you the screenshots that were provided were pretty screenshots, but there's nothing quite like a couple videos to see how the game looks in motion. Upon realizing this Beanseh managed to record a couple video previews in between frustrating sessions of Canterlot Siege yesterday. His videos are pretty low-rez and have that ugly Fraps logo hovering over them but it's better then nothing at all, right?

The remaining two videos can be found after the break.

Well, that's all for now folks! If you liked the videos or would like to ask Beanseh a question about his game you can hit up the project's tumblr at
- Tuxxy

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