Legends of Equestria Stress Test Weekend Overview

Pictured: Partying at Sugarcube Corner on Chrysalis server

I've been playing this game for about an hour and a half (has it been that long?), and I figured I'd give you guys my first impressions before I dive back in. I think it's safe to say that even though the current version is in pre-alpha, it's one of the most impressive pony gaming projects I've seen to date.

Yes, you heard that right. More of me waffling, a couple of tips, and a bunch of screenshots after the break!

There's actually a large range of functionality already implemented - the game supports the creation of multiple custom pony characters, running, flying, wearing items, and chatting, among other things.

The sheer amount of modeling that's already been done for this game boggles my mind. Locations include a massive Ponyville, Sweet Apple Acres, the Everfree Forest, and an halfway-finished Canterlot.

The game's riddled with minor glitches at this early stage - however, I found most of them more humorous than troubling. A couple of notable terminal bugs to look out for include getting stuck in the Canterlot meshes and being buried (or spawning) underground. Logging out solves most problems, although for some serious cases I've had to make a new character. However, the team is very clear that this is an early alpha and not representative of any final product, so I'm confident these problems will be ironed out.

The controls aren't very clearly explained in game, so I figured I'd give you the basic rundown here. Walking is controlled using the WASD keys - 'a' and 'd' rotate you while 'w' and 's' move you forward and back, asteroids style. To jump, hit the space key, and if you're a pegasus, pressing space again in midair lets you start flying. While flying, use space and ctrl to increase and decrease altitude, and the 'q' and 'w' keys to barrel roll. Touch the ground to land.

Many of the game's features are currently only usable through the in-game chat box. Type "/help" in the chat box for a full list of commands. Most commands instruct you on how to use them - for instance, typing "/additem" will prompt you with the message "syntax: /additem <itemId> [amount]". Executing this command, you might type "/additem 17 2" to add two pairs of goggles (ID #17) to your inventory.

Without further ado, screenshots!

Ahh, Ponyville. Look at all the pretty polygons.

Flying through Equestria at twilight is a pretty awesome feeling. Also, barrel rolls.

It's a good thing there don't seem to be any laws about breaking and entering in Ponyville.

Friendly warning: after talking to this character, I was unable to exit the dialogue pane and had to log out.

Wonder who lives here?


Airships make every game better. Remember that, folks.

I get the Cutie Mark Crusader's clubhouse, but not Fluttershy's cottage? Grr.

Animal models in the Everfree!

The full inventory interface. Visible also are the chat window, emotes, and minimap.

Click here for a direct link to a Windows mirror, or hit up the team's facebook page for alternate downloads or to comment on the project. Kudos to the LoE team on their great work, now, let's flood the servers and make their test weekend a success! Remember, the demo will only be playable for a limited time. I'm off to play some more Parasprite Pac-Man in the Ponyville well.
- Arctic Lux

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