Welcome to Ponyville Act 1 Released!

Welcome to Ponyville

Back in March a visual novel-type game was announced named Welcome to Ponyville, and for some reason people got really excited about it. Most would expect that the sudden explosion in popularity had something to do with that desire many Bronies have to visit Equestria, but eventually it turned out that most of you sickos just wanted to get your hands on the romance portion of the game and ship yourselves with Lyra Heartstrings. To be honest I wish that they had downplayed the romance portion of the game, but either way Welcome to Ponyville should be a rather interesting game.

As this post's title should have indicated to you the first act of Welcome to Ponyville was released earlier this morning. The 1.14 gigabyte download (which they foolishly refused to compress) is enormous for what essentially amounts to a demo for a visual novel, although from the looks of it most of the space is taken up by audio files. We'll give you a review of the game and guides to running the game in Wine once we have finished downloading and playing it, but hopefully Act 1 is worth the 1.14GBs of hard drive space that it has taken away from me.

Also, for downloads we recommend that you use the torrent over at http://kat.ph/welcome-to-ponyville-act-1-t6676897.html for faster downloads. If you can then we would really appreciate it if you seed the torrent after downloading; after all nopony wants this torrent to be dead by the end of this day, right?
- Tuxxy

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