Developer Spotlight: futzi

This is a new feature which we're considering adding to EqG's lineup - the Developer Spotlight. In it, we hope to showcase the work of different developers and devteams throughout the fandom. We'll start out this week with futzi, flash game maker and animator nonpareil.

Even if you're not familiar with the name, there's a huge chance that you'll have seen some of his work. For the past few months, futzi has been producing several famous flash games and a few animations as well, all of which you can find on his DeviantArt page. You can find the full spotlight after the break...

What sets futzi apart from many other developers is the sheer number of games he has produced in a short amount of time. Since his first game, Dash, was released in early May, he has made a total of 8 flash games (and an assortment of other animations and other flash projects), and there seems to be no sign of him stopping soon.

Futzi is well known for his arcade-style games covering many genres. His games are very fun to play, and can be quite challenging at times. He also has made two multiplayer games, Pegadrome (in which you race your opponent across the sky, avoiding clouds (a multiplayer version of Dash)), and Pony Tactics (a turn-based strategy game with lots of thinking involved). Completed multiplayer games are a bit of a rarity in the pony community, and that makes games like these very special.

Take that, Rainbow Dash!
In addition to the games already mentioned, futzi has made such games as Canterlot Defender (in which you must brave the oncoming swarm of changelings to protect Canterlot), 1000 Years Ago (a bullet hell syle game where you must battle Nightmare Moon as Celestia, collecting Elements of Harmony along the way), Pinkie Jump (a Doodle Jump style platforming game which spawned a version for Android by NitrousPony),    Mysterious Muffin Mercenary Mare (another bullet hell style game in which you must defeat Chrysalis as Derpy), and Canterlot Siege (a tower defense game where you must defend the road to Canterlot).

With an iconic menu layout and a propensity towards cheat-codes, futzi has definitely established his own unique style in the world of flash games. You can find all of his games both on his DeviantArt, and the EqG Arcade. You can also watch him work on new flash projects live on his livestream channel.

That wraps up this first Developer Spotlight - feedback is greatly appreciated. Do you like this feature? Do you hate it? I'd like to know. And secondly, if this spotlight continues, which developer or devteam would you like to see featured next? Let me know in the comments section below. Thanks!

- Enigma Sage

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