Game Maker Compilation Post #1

For those unaware, Game Maker is a software engine designed to allow users to easily create games using a simplified interface. It even comes with it's own scripting language. The handy lite version is free to use, and thus it's a common platform for pony game development. However, it is not without its problems. As easy as it is to use, it's limited, and is often dismissed by more serious developers. The lite version, in particular, makes it very difficult for one to share their game in a web-friendly format, meaning that games made in Game Maker often get very little exposure.

Thus, we've created the Game Maker compilation post, designed to showcase what's been made in this little engine. As this is a compilation-style post, this is not a showcase of the best of the best, but an exhibit of everything--however, some really neat, challenging little games slip by under the radar. Today we've got some Pinkie Pie platforming, pegasus blasting, and even a Tank game lined up after the break!

Our first game of the day is a work-in-progress, currently being developed by Hawk Johenson. Soar through the skies as Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy, blasting any parasprite that gets in your way! The game is currently unfinished, but give it a playthrough anyway, and give him a shout if you can help him solve his sprite shortage.

Pinkie's Lost Element (The Lost Element,) a game by Zilven Sparkle, is one of the more impressive Game Maker games I've had the opportunity to play. Yes, it's a Pinkie Pie platformer, but there's an impressive number of Pinkie sprites and a variety of power-up mechanics that give it some pizazz.

After his episode aired, I was optimistic that we'd see more of Tank - however, he's slipped into relative obscurity. As such, games starring the turbo tortoise are few and far between. SuperRaccoon has stepped in to fill the void--use your powers of rock stacking to your best advantage as you adventure through the canyon.

If you've got thoughts about the new periodical, comment away below! And of course, if you know of a Game Maker game that you'd like to see up here, hit up our submission page.
- Arctic Lux

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