Day Dreaming Derpy - Demo Released

Normally I'd lament the fact that we've been beaten to the punch on something like this, but I'm honestly fairly happy to be able to talk about this one at all. Spoiler alert: I'm a little overly excited about this one!

Day Dreaming Derpy, as presented here in early demo-form, is an absolutely wonderful little colorful horse-themed JRPG featuring Derpy Hooves (naturally) having adventures in both the real and dream worlds with plenty of collusion between the two. Costumes, abilities and equippable items earned during the day become usable in the dream world, becoming key in helping Derpy with fighting the nightmares within the ponies' dreams she explores.

Without going into too much detail and spoiling what should really be experienced just on its own merits, we've got a wonderful little demo here filled with plenty of fan-favorite characters, an interesting story, a delightfully quirky sense of humor and some seriously nifty pixel art that all comes together to make for a super comfy and fun colorful horse gaming experience. Really, even if JPRGs aren't your cup of tea, I believe there's still something to be appreciated about a fangame that's this well put-together, especially at such an early stage. Seriously, the only knocks I can really give it are one or two overworld clipping/collision issues and some basic writing quirks; other than that, it's pretty much smooth sailing!

Check out the game's page above for your fill of detailed information, screenshots and dev logs, or you can skip that and jump straight to the download page if you'd prefer. Remember to also pick up and install the RPGMaker VX ACE run time package here to be able to play the game.

NOTE: The original Equestria Daily post reports that you may need to disable your antivirus to make sure things unpack correctly. I did not personally experience this issue, but your mileage may vary.

Fall of Anterfold - Third Beta Released

Man, these folks certainly work fairly quickly, don't they? Fall of Anterfold, in case you missed the last update post, is a very recent colorful horse co-op survival horror game which has just released its third beta hot off the heels of the previous one. Accordingly, it appears there's quite a few changes in place, with a little of everything from item textures to game mechanics and balance being tweaked this go-around.
Check out the developer's website linked above for the changelog and general information on the game, or maybe even give it a go for yourself!

Friday Game Night, January 6th - Warframe

Well hey, look at that, it's Friday night! Wanna know what the cool horse nerds are gonna be up to tonight?
Our always lovely friends at CinemaQuestria are hosting yet another Friday Game Night, kicking off the first one of the new year with Warframe. I've admittedly never heard of this one, but according to Wikipedia we've got a "third-person cooperative shooter" thing going on here and it's apparently full of dope junk like ancient space warriors and lasers and robots and I totally didn't skim the Wikipedia article why would you even ask, gosh. Anyway, yeah, c'mon down and chill with your fellow colorful horse fanatics with ~video games~! Check the details below!

Battle Gem Ponies Now Available on Steam Greenlight!

Well, it looks like we're kicking off 2017 with a bang, eh? Luckily, y'all won't have to wade through lines upon lines of me rambling about horsegames this time, as the developer's written his own press release for this, haha!
Battle Gem Ponies is making some noise over on Steam Greenlight! The newest update is here with some highly requested features like pony-surfing, capture mechanics, and a few new customizable moves. The next few days are going to prove if pixelated pony RPGs can stand alongside NIA: Path of Light and Ambient:White in the Steam catalog.
If you want to check out the newest build for yourself, just click the link below. If you'd like to see this game on Steam someday, be sure to give a thumbs up on the Greenlight page!
Battle Gem Ponies on Steam Greenlight
Also, an additional aside from the developer:
This is a project still in the early stages of development and currently functions more like a tech demo than a carefully crafted adventure. Each and every bit of feedback is going to help shape the game's design, how characters look, and how the story develops as new updates are released month-by-month to showcase the game's progress.
So yeah, you heard the guy! Download, play, enjoy and remember to give some feedback and give a thumbs up on the Greenlight page! Let's make some magic happen!

Fall of AnterFOLD - Second Beta Released

Again we're a little behind (a little less this time, though!) on getting this one out, but hey, better late than never I suppose!

Fall of Anterfold (or AnterFOLD, it's used interchangeably), a colorful-equine-flavored co-op survival horror game, has recently released its second beta. According to their website, there seems to be quite a few interesting rules in place, such as a shared life between two players; if you or your partner die, that's an automatic game over. They also tout the general ruleset changing between games, such as shifting the amount of loot and enemies. Overall, it looks pretty interesting, so do check it out!

oh and merry christmas i guess that's a thing that's happening right now

Friday Game Night 16. Dec, Brawlhalla

Albeit a bit late, it is friday once again, so it is time for another affiliate event announcement!
Today CinemaQuestria is having another go at their recurring segment, Friday Game Night. This time around they are having a go at Brawlhalla. A Smash Bros-esque 2d arena fighter, if I have to call it something. It is a perfect opportunity to pop in for a relaxed game with like-minded fans of the small horse. Details below

CaptainHoers' Video Essay: Horse Games and Where to Find Them

Yesterday CaptainHoers, of Firestarter Spitfire fame, voiced his view on a few of the darlings in the Pony games world, Ambient, Fallout Equestria and Horse Game. He makes some good points with an appropriately sceptical outlook and a focus on the game design. What makes them work, where do they fall flat and how do they compare. Split into the sections of introductions, the looks, mechanics, the scope of the projects and briefly rounding it with how their states could be improved, he does get well around the subjects.
Give it a watch, form an opinion, learn something and... I dunno, make a game of your own. The community could always need more pony games. Cheers.