Scoot Hard DX: Daytime Drama Zero by Waffle Iron Studios. DOOM with Scootaloo in the Rainbow Factory!

Yippie-ka-yay MotherB**cker

-Chicken, aka Scootaloo.

Scoot Hard DX: Daytime Drama Zero is a WIGZDOOM mod which released 3 years ago and which I am simply flabbergasted to see has not received any attention at all from any part of the fandom.

Loosely based on Rainbow Factory by AuroraDawn, you play as Scootaloo, who must escape the Cloudsdale Weather Corporation and get her friends back – by kicking flank! With tons of humor, an array of equine enemies, huge levels, powerful weapons, a look and feel like something off mid-2000s Newgrounds, and full voice acting.

This game is simply chock-full of love and passion. The game knows what it is and doesn't take itself too seriously. The voice acting complements it perfectly, being as cheesy as possible and reminding you that, yes, you are indeed playing a silly (but absolutely AWESOME) pony game.

The next part of the article will be me showing some of the awesome easter eggs and details I have found in the game. I highly recommend you check it yourself, as to not ruin the surprise. Mild spoilers ahead!

I wasn't being mean when I was calling her a chicken. (okay, maybe not fully) You really do turn into a chicken!
Ooohhh! Cupcake—
Even the enemies know this game is good! They would rather play it than kill you!
This guy even got the original Scoot Hard! What dedication! Still killed him though.
Good Morning, #general.

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