[Gory theme warning] Slaughter Horse

I listen to this while playing the game

What is Slaughter Horse?

According to the Wiki:
'Slaughter Horse' is a single-player version of the popular 'Mafia' genre of game, particularly taking its roles and gameplay from 'Town of Salem'. 
As a Captain of the Royal Guard, your mission is to use the abilities of the various townsponies to seek and eliminate a gang of shape-shifting Changelings and the serial killer Pinkarella. For their own part, the changelings are trying to eliminate your townsponies with their various abilities and Pinkarella is a wild card who will attack anypony almost at random.

Which one to download?

The earlier versions were called "Pinkamena" and released on Android and PC, but the Android version was taken down because of copyright, so a reskinned version called "Slaughter Horse" was put up on Google Play Store, in which all the names are changed slightly.
The PC version is still called "Pinkamena". You can also download the Android APK file directly instead of installing from Google Play Store.

Online play

The game can be played as a 2-player game over a local network or the Internet, where one player is the Changeling Queen, and the other is the Pony Captain. It seems that only the Android version can be played over the Internet. The PC version can only be played over the local network.

Let's play!

TheLostNarrator (she did many creepy story readings) did a great Let's Play video on this game.

Slaughter Horse 2??

There is a sequel in the works, where you get to play as Pinkamena! You can subscribe to the feed in the link and wait for updates.
The sneak-peek looks good, has the Story of the Blanks feel.
KopaLeo, aka Cosmia Nebula

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