Legends of Equestria News: Bronycon and Open Server Weekend

Legends of Equestria
How's everyone doing today? It's me, Enigma Sage, coming to you live from the swirling, primordial mists of the Equestria Gaming of yesteryear, and I'm here to bring you some fresh LoE news.

For those of you headed to Bronycon this weekend, the team behind the ever-popular MMO Legends of Equestria will be there to showcase the game's latest developments in their panel on August 7. In addition, the team will be hosting one of their trademark Open Server Weekends August 14-16 so you can test out these additions for yourself. For more info, head on over to their website, or check out their announcement after the break.

Hi again, everyone! We're pleased as punch to let you all know that we'll be hosting a panel at Bronycon on August 7th; alongside our previously-announced Galacon panel, that means we'll be doing two within a week! Busy times!

Members of the development team will be on-hand in the Hall of the Sun at 9pm; they'll be giving everyone a glimpse of what we're working on right now, talking a little about how we're making the game, and if you're lucky you'll get to ask them a question or two!

And remember, even if you can't make it to Bronycon, there's no need to miss out; our previously-announced Open Server Weekend will be running August 14-16, so we'll all get a chance to explore Equestria together then!

Hope to see you at the panel, or in the game, very soon!

P.S. If you've never met me before (it's likely you haven't, especially if you're relatively new to EqG), I'm one of the three authors who wrote for, ran, and administrated Equestria Gaming between 2011 and 2013. Since I did very much enjoy my time here at EqG and the posts have become rather few and far between as of late, I thought I'd drop by and toss up a post (I counted; this will be my 81st post, but my 1st in almost two years). I'm not gonna lie, it feels super-exciting to post here again!
- Enigma Sage