Compilation Post #1

 Hello! Sorry for letting the site go quiet for a while. Between other projects of mine and personal life things, there hasn't been much time to devote to playing through fangames to write individual posts. In an effort to bring some activity to this place regardless, I'm going to start writing little compilation posts of the smaller projects we receive in our submissions inbox. Expect a variety of content in these, from completed games to pitches for larger projects that just don't have enough information available yet to fill an entire article.

 If any of the content here looks like it should have its own separate article, feel free to leave a comment saying so!


 A collectible monster battler by Yotes Games. Raise your equine-ish creature and put them to battle against other equine-ish creatures. The developer claims a demo will be releasing soon; expect a full article with more information when that happens.

[Game (Complete)]

 A Super Mario Bros-inspired platformer starring Pinkie Pie. Cheese Sandwich has been kidnapped, and the only way to rescue him is through six levels of platforming action. A download link is available on the game's page.


 Picture: The desert city of New Pegasus. Two hundred years after the megaspells went off. A simple courier embarks on what should have been a simple delivery. But after a fateful ambush, the courier is left for dead in the wastes. When she awakens, she finds the world…changed. Almost as if another world had been imposed upon her own.

 A Fallout: New Vegas mod loosely inspired by the popular Fallout: Equestria story. I couldn't find much concrete information about it from the site, so the trailer will have to make do.

[Mod (Work-in-progress)]

 An Ultimate Doom mod designed for ZDoom. Three ponies (Lemonade, Tracer, Oblivion) are sent into town at Oblivion Bay to address a situation about some monsters invading. As they seek for its source, the adventure begins. (Currently in an alpha state, with nine maps completed but missing some content, according to the developer.)

 In unrelated news, I'm interested in getting some more writers for this place again, since my other writers kind of... disappeared on me. Feel free to resend your application if I never responded before.
- RedEnchilada

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