Silent Ponyville: Echoed Sorrows is hiring

 Silent Ponyville: Echoed Sorrows is a game where you dive into Pinkie's mind to uncover the cause of her constant nightmares. (Or something like that. There isn't much to go off of from their site.) The team behind the game is currently looking for a few extra hands to assist with development. Though there isn't much information about the project at the present time, they already have a trailer up, and  a GitHub repository of unfinished code is available on one of the developers' profile for curious eyes to look over.

More information, including how to contact the team, is available either on their site or copy-pasted below the break.

We need help!
In order to minimize time wasted on mostly useless paragraphs (like this one), we'll cut straight to the chase.

We need:

Background artists
    In order to make this game shine, we have to have slightly more than a black background (and no, green will not do the trick here either :P).

    Qualifications needed:

        Ability to create a background from scratch (by scratch, we mean, not a modification of another background)
        Ability to do a pixel art style (not absolutely needed, but it would be great if you could)

Cutscene artists and/or animators
    Qualifications needed:

        Ability to create a cutscene depicting a story, either from an amount of static images, or from an animation

    While the original "Silent Ponyville" fan fiction was amazing, it is not fit for a video game.

    Qualifications needed:

        Experience with writing
        Ability to improvise based off of pre-existing material

Voice actors
    At the moment, we are only interested in monster sounds (e.g. groans, wails, screams, etc...), and a few lines from pinkie pie.

    Once we have the story finished, we will revisit this.

Send your applications to: ule1452 (at) gmail (dot) com

Remember to include your skype username, and some examples of work you have done in the area you're applying for (if you don't have previous experience, show us that you can work in that area)

 In other news, I'm going to attempt to keep team member requests such as this one listed in the Events section on the site's sidebar as long as they stay active, since that section gets fairly little love as it is. Announcements will still get their own posts, of course; this will simply be a way to keep an easy index to find open positions on projects, for those interested in contributing to something.
- RedEnchilada

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