My Little Game Dev Pony Build-Up Event!

For those of you who would like to improve your skills in the arts of game making, here is a good chance to do so. My Little Game Dev is hosting an event about creating Pony mini-games based on themes. If you want to make a game but lack the motivation or the base to do so, this is a good start. And for those who don't actually want to make games, you will still be able to play the entries, so why not take a look around?

The basic structure of the event is this: Every 4 days, at midnight GMT+8 (Philippines, Manila), the MLGD page will put up the theme for the mini-games, and those who want to take part must make a game that includes that theme. This is very flexible; you can interpret the themes however you want, and if you'd prefer, you can skip a theme and make a game with both that theme and the next one.

The game doesn't have to be complete; incomplete games are accepted too - just be sure to state if it's complete or not. The deadline for each theme is 4 days, so try to submit before the next theme starts.

The first day of the event has already started(and I blame myself for not finding this yesterday), and you can find this round's theme here: Pony Build Up Day 1!

Have fun and happy game making!
- Strate

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