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 Update (8/31/14): At this point, we are currently not actively looking for applicants. I've picked three new writers and am seeing how well they work on staff. However, if you really want to contribute, feel free to submit your application anyway! I'm still reading over the applications I get, and who knows? If your application is impressive, I'm willing to bring on new writers regardless. (Also, some parts of the process outlined below have been updated for clarity, and to give some tips for the sample article.)

 Update: The response has been overwhelming so far! I'm starting to look at the applications now and will probably be sending out a few invitations to people. If you haven't received one, I might just be getting around to yours. Feel free to send one in if you haven't already; I'm still checking them.

 As readers and followers of this site may have noticed, new posts have been pretty slow to happen. The reason is we simply don't have enough writers with the free time to manage all of the submissions; I'm often busy, Tuxxy's expressed increasing disinterest in continuing to manage the site, and other writers have gone AWOL. To attempt to solve this, we're putting out a call for new writers to give the place some extra manpower. If you're interested in writing for what, for many, is the first stop for My Little Pony gaming and fangaming content, read below the break for more details on how to apply!

 The application process is fairly simple: send an email to our submissions inbox at submit@equestriagaming.net with "Writer Application" somewhere in the subject line. The body should contain the following information:
Username: (Either one associated with the Blogger/Google account you plan to use, or a name you go by elsewhere. Something I can identify you by.)

Email address: (Use one associated with a Blogger account, or with a Google account that can easily be converted into one. This is where I'll send the invite. If omitted, I'll assume this to be the email address used to send the application.)

Skype/Steam/etc: (Some way for us to get into instant messaging contact with you. At least one of these is required. Currently Steam is preferred, as the current authors all use that, but it's not required.)

Focus: (Would you rather simply cover releases of games, or would you rather write reviews or some other form of content? We're looking for writers of all types. Optional.)

How much time can you devote to writing for Equestria Gaming?: (We're not asking for much - a little a week is more than enough. Vague answers are fine too, as long as there's an indication that you won't be sitting around doing nothing all the time.)

Have you written for any other blogs of this type? (Personal blogs don't count. An answer of "no" is perfectly acceptable; this was my first time writing for a blog too!)
 In addition, please submit at least one piece of relevant writing that we can use to determine if you're qualified to write with us. Rewrite an article already posted here, review one of the games you've played, or even write about something we haven't covered yet. (Maybe it's lost in our inbox?) It doesn't even have to be related to pony gaming, although ideally it'd be something you could cut and paste into an article on the site. There's no minimum or maximum length; just write enough to put the information out there. Either attach it to your email or just drop the contents into the body after a horizontal break or something.

A few tips for a good sample article:
  •  Reviews are good, but if you do one, it probably shouldn't be one simple paragraph. I'll be expecting reviews on the site to go into detail on the game in question and offer a thorough criticism, so spend a few paragraphs getting in-depth if you submit a review as your sample. Reference reviews recently posted if you want an example to follow, though don't feel obligated to stick to any patterns you might see therein.
  •  On that same token, don't feel obligated to submit a review. Simple expository articles are a large part of the writing here, and are perfectly good samples to submit. You're also free to try something not normally seen on the site; interviews and such are great to see, as well as any other article ideas you have.
  •  The sample doesn't have to be specifically written for the application; if you've written something suitable in the past, feel free to simply link it as your sample.

 Feel free to add anything to the application that you think would make a good impression on us. Formatting is flexible. Chosen applicants will be contacted through instant message for a quick screening, and then given writers' access and access to the submissions inbox. (Please note that, by default, applications will not be responded to unless you're accepted or I have something to say. If you'd like to be notified that I got your application, please state so in the application. All responses will be from Red's personal email instead of the submissions email.)
- RedEnchilada

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