Horse Game is Recruiting

Early screenshot of the new Horse Game level

 For a while now Horse Game's developer has been working on a brand new level, but as you can imagine it's made for quite the workload and he could really use some help getting his project off the ground. If it turns out fairly well he plans on turning this into a fully-fledged game, and that hopefully includes the possibility of online multiplayer (really, who hasn't played the demo and fantasized about playing it with their friends?).

In case you don't want to visit the original Reddit post for some reason, we've pasted its contents below the break.

What is the HorseGame?

It's a 3D 3rd person platformer-ish adventure game with elements from Magicka, Ratchet and Clank, MLP.

What it looks like
Very early screenshot of our current level
FAQ You can also download the latest version here.

Why do you need more people?

We have some awesome plans for the upcoming level, but needs a lot of people to make it work. If it is a success, we'll try go for an entire game and storyline.

What people are needed?

  • If you can do any of the following, you could be a huge help for the project: 
  • 2D Concept Art
  • 3D Modelling or Animation (Blender preferred)
  • Unity 3D stuff
  • Programming in C# or a similar language
  • Writing
  • Music
  • Level Design
  • Anything else you think might be useful

What is the plan once new people have joined? 

After everyone has been interviewed, accepted people will be invited to join our new forum and Trello project management system.

How can someone join?

Contact me on any of the following:
b.cracknell on Skype
- Tuxxy

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