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Coming from Penta Studios, of Waiting is Magic fame, TWALAGHT SPARKUHLZ REVEHNSHE 2 is the sequel to the first game about defending Ponyville from parasprites and other assorted creatures of the forest. The demo released for the MLGD competition contains an introductory sequence, three levels (allegedly; I keep messing up and dying halfway through the second) and five upgrades. Not a ton of content, but certainly enough to discuss a bit, yes?

This time around, Twalaght has overcome her paraplegia and can roam freely around the arena, including flying around on those fancy new wings Celestia gave her last year. This gives a new twist over the first game, even if most of the game is spent hovering in the middle of the horde and shooting at whatever comes by. Unfortunately, in its current state, levels drag on for far too long, turning a fun shooter/defender to tedium by the time the player reaches wave 25 of 30 on the first level and has only encountered a few unique patterns.

Regardless, the game so far is impressive, and definitely a worthwhile play; the upgrade mechanics are engaging, mowing through enemies is a fun experience, and I guess there's a story of some sort to justify this? I kinda skimmed past that part...

The game definitely doesn't go easy on you.

In other news... hi! You probably haven't seen me around here before. Tuxxy asked me to help out with writing for the site, so I'll be around more often to ramble on about games with candy-colored horses. Hopefully I've made a good impression so far!
- RedEnchilada

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