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A few days ago, XTUX345 posted a video preview of a pony RPG by the name of Twilight Sparkle Adventures. The version of that game in the video is now available for download. In this game, you control Twilight Sparkle on her quest to obtain all six Elements of Harmony. This is a pre-beta release, so it's very short, and quite rough around the edges. You can read more after the break...

Twilight Sparkle Adventures, as of this point, consists of walking around, collecting Elements of Harmony. It's said to be inspired by the Zelda games, working your way through different areas and completing various puzzles to achieve your goals. This is the basic premise of the game.

Although TSA includes save/load features, for this version, they are completely unnecessary. The entire game up to the latest version can be completed in five minutes. The majority of the gameplay is very simple and easy, and consists mostly of walking to and from places, completing simple puzzles, or button mashing to defeat enemies. And this pre-beta demo was stated to be about 3/4 of the content of the beta version, so this will definitely be a quick game.

Just pushing a box - nothing to see here...
There is a wide selection of music, although the transitions between songs could definitely be worked on; at some points the music just stopped altogether for me, and then resumed randomly. Also, all of the characters' voices are done by Text-to-Speech, which adds an altogether creepy effect, at least in my opinion. There are other miscellaneous bugs and whatnot in the game - I've gotten stuck on walls and boxes a couple of times, and you have to be just in the right spot when you hit enter for anything to happen.

All in all, this game has promise, but it would definitely have to be much, much longer to have a good RPG feel to it. If more gameplay elements and actual voice acting were added, as well as more involved combat, this could turn out to be a good little RPG. For now, though, it's just not there.

- Enigma Sage

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