The Legend of Celestia Team is Seeking a Pixel Artist!

Ok, so apparently the team behind "The Legend of Celestia" has lost their sprite artist, and they're looking for a new one.

Copy & paste from their blog below after the break 

" I'm afraid RevY is delayed due to complications.

    Also - We are looking for another sprite artist! It's a LOT of work, but it is deffinetly worth it! Soak is going to be inactive for a while, but we still need more sprites! Think you have what it takes? Apply! We have high expectations, but maybe you can fit them!

    Also, Happy New Year from the Legend of Celestia Devellopment Crew, to you!

~ Lucan, looking for an excellent spriter

NOTE: We are NOT doing Voxel, or whatever it's called. These are sprites, pieces of pixel art, in a 16 bit artstyle."

If you wish to apply, please visit their apply page at

- Tuxxy

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