Non-Arcade Spotlight: Hoofball by Donitz

This week's spotlight is focused on a game that isn't currently playable on the arcade due to emulator limitations. The best way to play these kinds of games is to download Flashpoint Infinity, where you can find almost all the games on the arcade and more!
Hoofball is a game made by the legendary Donitz, who has brought us classic titles like Derp till Dawn, Story of the Blanks, and Twilight vs. Walking. Hoofball is a demonstration of Donitz's engine designed to emulate the restrictions of the original SNES, a successor in many ways to Story of the Blanks (minus the horror), which emulated those of the NES.
The main content of this demonstration is the titular fictional game, Hoofball! A clone of football played in two dimensions where each team is only composed of a striker and goalkeeper. Start off facing off against Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo, and after defeating them you're on your own to see what other Surprises the game has to throw at you.
After getting your flank handed to you, be sure to right-click the game window to access the level editor to get an idea of the level of effort this engine had put into it!

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