Singing party on!

Ponytone is a website where you can throw online Karaoke parties for up to 6 people ponies creatures. No installation needed or explanation needed. Just sing! Essentially, this is an online multiplayer version of My Little Karaoke.

I sang "Here on the Moon" and got the highest score!
Note: Cosmia is in a party of one.

Oh, you should note that if you play it with the sound on, the microphone hears it and interprets it as you singing. In this way I managed to get a high score by doing absolutely nothing!
Cosmia the changeling: just copy from a more perfect pony.

The Twitter account for this website is @PonytoneGame
Ponytone was created by Peach Hack, otherwise known as Katharine Berry
Ponytone could not exist without the hard work of the My Little Karaoke team. All the note data was originally created for My Little Karaoke.
The game is stated to be in beta, but is as good as complete to me after singing several songs in it. If you think there are bugs in the game, you can tell Peach Hack on Discord or Twitter.

KopaLeo, aka Cosmia Nebula

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