Project: Pony Mania Teaser

And now... a love letter to an amazing show and all that followed...

sonicboy112/horror_n_oates/cheesesteak-horror (they really should pick a single handle for ease of reference...) is a famed maker of arts, games, such as Day Dreaming Derpy, the Spike Trilogy (Spike's Day OffSpike's Day OutSpike's Time Off), and animations, such as this:

Have I mentioned they have a very refined taste of hard-boiled detective stories? They totally do!

And their latest projest, Project: Pony Mania, has just released a trailer!

Where you can find the developer for updates:

As a side note, before I came to this blog, I did a Let's Play series on Day Dreaming Derpy on deviantArt. Check it out here!

KopaLeo, aka Cosmia Nebula

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