PonyAge: Chronicles Testing

Ramping up towards release, the team has come again with a socializing/hangout game: PonyAge. This, however, is the server stress test phase. The aim of this stress test is to enable the team to have a full grasp of how the game will handle a huge number of concurrent players running the site.
PonyAge is a 2D-MMORPG game that depicts an explorable seamless world where you can team up with other players to build a strong wall against external threats. You can as well acquire some resources and keep them or have them sold to other players. Prepare and prove your ability in the 1v1 tournament!
The platform is currently open and is therefore available for all gamers - wouldn't you rather enjoy a full grab of the game while it lasts? They'd be glad to have as many players as possible to stress-test the game. Of course, any features missed out at this phase would be included before the final launching.
For more information, visit the official website.

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