Ponyage Chronicles, Open Weekend

Ponyage Chronicles, also known as PonyRoom as previously shown here, is holding an open weekend. It is gonna be held from now until around the 29th February.
It is a neat 2d MMO like you would imagine a proper action-oriented MMO would be, quests, skills, grinding, the whole lot. It is still in an early alpha stage, actively getting updated and fleshed out. However this weekend we all have a chance to hop in and give this different interpretation of a Pony MMO, so if you are tired of the usual social-focused pony MMOs and MMO-styled games, like Legends of Equestria and Pony Town, come give this a go.
You can either download client below:
If you are interested even further, perhaps might want even faster progress updates, or share your two pennies on the matter, you can either pop by the official Tumblr [Here], or perhaps join the official Discord server to hang out with fans and developers [Here].

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