Ambient.White – Gameplay Video no. 1

The guys at A Little Bit Different released the first gameplay trailer, for their game, Ambient.White, previously known as Ambient.Prologue.
With this new trailer they are showcasing story, environments and world and, of course, some gameplay. I’m a horse of the gameplay, a game lives or dies on that, in my book. It is just a shame that it hardly displays any gameplay then, despite apparently being a gameplay trailer.
You can walk around, look around, jump around a bit and mess with items and your inventory. A bit of rough levitation is briefly shown, before we are introduced back to more walking and jumping. We aren’t shown anything else that you can actually do, beyond that.
Well, the game is definitely gorgeous at least. From the world and characters to the minimalist AR-style HUD, as we recognize from the triple-A world of games. The visuals is the polished beacon that really makes this game shine, even if everything else might fall flat. Sure you can attribute a lot of that to effects, but what is modern graphics, if it isn’t lighting and shader effects.
I am not sure what I had expected from a game called Ambient.White. From apparently being a gameplay trailer, it felt like it was weighted significantly more towards showing off the tech, visuals and offering a brief teaser to the story instead. The actual gameplay was more the medium in which to get to each of those points, rather than the focus of the video itself.
It walks on the fine line of being either being an enjoyably artsy experience or a pretentious trip. Unfortunately, after reaching the end dialog, it falls more into the latter then the former to me. I could go on and mention how even the title itself just screams artsy fartsy, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the incredible effort.
With this level of quality, the developers have definitely poured their blood, sweat and tears into this effort, and where it is a bit of a hit and miss, it is definitely something new, unique and noteworthy in this old fandom.
Give it a look for yourself, it’s with no doubt worth that, if anything. It's gonna be interesting to see how this whole ordeal is gonna turn out, if they manage to get a release out.

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