Trotmania III Public Beta

Trotmania, the pony-themed song pack for Stepmania, is nearing it's third major release, and the creators have decided to release a public beta! So, if you want to get a sneak peak of the new songs, click above to get to the Trotmania blog.

Go below the break for a songlist!

Songs: (Note: This is simply a list of the folders in the Aeternum Obscurum pack; not all of these songs are finished, and some aren't even started.)
  • A True, True Friend
  • Against Time
  • Apples to the Core
  • Apples to the Core (SMOR3S Remix)
  • Appleshake
  • Bats (Oodorato2 Remix) [Such good piano. Mm.]
  • Descent
  • Dregs of a Bitter Cub
  • Equestria Girls (#AAA Remix)
  • Evil Enchantress (Sim Gretina Remix)
  • Generosity
  • Goof Off
  • Hearts Strong as Horses
  • Hearts Strong as Horses (Remix) [Non-specific, I know.]
  • I'll Come Running
  • I'll Show You My Loyalty
  • Into the Green
  • Join the Herd
  • Laughter
  • Luna (Silva Hound Remix)
  • Mane-iac
  • My Love is No Diguise
  • Neverending Nightmare
  • Prismatic
  • Quest (This Can't Be All)
  • Rain
  • She's an Alarm Clock
  • She's So Shy
  • Stop the Bats!
  • The Changeling (Twitch Remix)
  • The Rappin' Hist'ry of the Wonderbolts
  • The Super Duper Party Pony
  • You Gotta Glitch (Pinkamena Mix)
  • Your Faithful Student
- ApocalypseUndone

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