My Little Karaoke: Additional Content Disc #3

 For the third time in a row, the My Little Karaoke team has released a new batch of songs for aspiring horsefamous singers to destroy their vocal cords to. If you've seen this project before, you'll know what to expect; if you haven't, it shouldn't be hard to guess. Like always, the new pack can be downloaded from the project's official site, and the listing of new tracks will be copied below the break.

New songs
From the community:
4EverfreeBrony - Chant of Mirth
4EverfreeBrony - Giggles and Gumdrops
AcousticBrony & Mysteriousbronie - It's OK
AcoustiMandoBrony - A Long Way from Equestria
BlackGryph0n, Baasik, Michelle Creber - Zero Gravity
BroniKoni - Keep On Running
Cherax Destructor - The Rescue
dBPony - Oh Sweetie Belle
Dekko DePony - Ponies on My Mind
Derpy - Nyan
donglekumquat - Hoofdachest
Donn DeVore - Luna
Donn DeVore - She Can Fly
EileMonty - I Am A Parasprite
Exiark - Equestria
Griffinilla, SoGreatAndPowerful - 40 Winks
Griffinilla, Toastwaffle - Love Letters
&I ft. Chichi - Into the Green
Jackle App - I Love Everything
Kenny9807 - Apples to the Core (Rock Version)
Kenny Allen - Everybody's dressed like ponies at the Holiday Inn
Lectro Dub - Fallen
Level None - Fly
Mandopony - Horse Famous
MandoPony & Silva Hound - Wild Fire
Matthew Mosier - My Cadence
Metajoker feat. Fluttershyay - Universe
Mush - The Changeling (Remix)
PonyFireStone - Flight
PrinceWhateverer ft. Dreamchan & Scrambles - Destabilize
Replacer, Megabyte Brony - Finding My Way (Back Home)
SlyphStorm - Soldiers of the Night
Warbalist, EileMonty - Already One Year
WoodenToaster - Tough Luck
Woodlore - Let The Magic Feel Your Soul
YourEnigma - I'll Come Running

From the show (and extras):
Awesome as I Want to Be
Better Than Ever
Let's Have a Battle
Perfect Day for Fun
Rainbow Rocks
Shake Your Tail
Shine Like Rainbows
Tricks Up My Sleeve
Under Our Spell
Welcome to the Show
My Little Pony Friends
Network Musical Ensemble - Giddy Up
Wander Over Yonder - The Box
- RedEnchilada

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