My Little Karaoke: Additional Content Disc #2

Last week, the crew behind My Little Karaoke - a song pack and modification for UltraStar for singing along with various pony songs - released a new content disc. The expansion provides a total of over 90 new songs according to the developers, including foreign language versions of a few official songs for you to improvise nonsensical lyrics over, as well as a bunch of brony music of... varying quality. (I liked a couple of them, anyway.) The update also comes with a new visual identity for the project.

You can find the download here, although the individual ZIP downloads of songs are no longer available, leaving the only option to download the entire 2GB ISO (which they seem insistent on using, as opposed to other, more sane archive formats for digital downloads like this) and extract the songs you want. The prior downloads have to be installed for an automatic installation to work, although nothing's stopping you from pulling the songs themselves into a custom UltraStar installation.

Read past the break for the list of new songs in this release.

Official Songs (New)
MLP - L'Amizia E Magica
EQG - Shake Your Tail
EQG - The EG Stomp
EQG - Damit Twilight ihre Krone tragen kann
S2E18 - スマイル
S3E13 - I've got to Find a Way (Extended)
S4E07 - Bats!
S4E08 - Generosity
S4E09 - Apples to the Core
S4E11 - Glass Of Water
S4E12 - Cheese Confesses
S4E12 - Make a Wish
S4E12 - Pinkie's Lament
S4E12 - Pinkie the Party Planner
S4E12 - The Goof Off
S3E12 - The Super Duper Party Pony
S4E14 - Find the Music in you
S4E14 - Music in the Treetops
S4E20 - Flim Flam Miracle Cure Tonic
S4E21 - The Rappin' History of the Wonderbolts
S4E24 - The Cloudsdale Anthem (According to Spike)
S4E25 - You'll Play Your Part
S4E26 - Let the Rainbow Remind You

Community Songs (New)
0neTr1ckP0ny - Royal Canterlot Voice
4EverFreeBrony (feat. Chi-Chi) - Chant of Immortality
4EverFreeBrony (feat. Giggly Maria) - Flutter
4EverFreeBrony - Three's a Team
4EverFreeBrony (feat Feather, Final Verse, & EileMonty) - Winterfall over the Acres
AcoustiMandoBrony - Kindness
AcoustiMandoBrony - Laughter
All Levels At Once - Pony Should Pony Pony
Amy Keating Rogers - Friendship is Magic in the Town of Ponyville
ArtAttack (feat. Metajoker) - Still Shy VIP
Aviators - Constellations
Aviators - Friendship
Aviators - Lullaby
AwkwardMarina - Entropy
AwkwardMarina - Sombra's Door
BlackGryph0n & Baasik - Crusader (Are We There Yet)
BlackGryph0n & Baasik - Faster Than You Know
Bronyfied, Cyril The Wolf - Fight for the Crystal Empire
Canapplejack - Pieces of me
Carbon Maestro (feat. MEM & EileMonty) - Lunar Pirate
Coconeru, KanashiiPanda & Steven AD - A Tropical Octav3
dBPony - Daddy Discord
dBPony (feat. EileMonty) - Miles
Decibelle, Forest Rain - The Party Hasn't Ended
d.notive - Loveless Lovechild
Dr. Horrible - Bad Horse
Eurobeat Brony, Odyssey - Batty
FiMFlamFilosophy - Sinking Ships
Freewave & Friends - Already Gone
Friendship is Withcraft - High School Great
FritzyBeat - Fort Hope
GatoPaint - Half Beast
Glaze - Rainbow Factory
Glaze & The Living Tombstone (feat. Rina-Chan) - Lost on the Moon
Griffinilla (feat. Cats Milly) - Hard Knocks
H8_Seed - Neverending Strife
&I (feat. Feather) - Until the Sun
Jeff Burgess & The Bad Mares - Don't Come Back Luna
JoshSaysStuff - Between the Lines
Journey Of The Spark - On Our Way
Ken Ashcorp - 20 Percent Cooler
Knife Pony (feat. Feather) - Stay
Luna Jax - Propaganda
Mandopony - Sweet Apple Acres
Panty & Stocking - Fallen Angel
Pony1Kenobi - Shipping and Handling
PhonyBrony (feat. Feather) - I'll Show you my Loyalty
Prince Whateverer - Between Fairytales and Happy Endings
Prince Whateverer (feat. Dreamchan) - Constellations
Przewalski's Ponies - Full Moon (Leaving Home)
Przewalski's Ponies - Tabun
Replacer (feat. EvDog & P1K) - I'm Daring
Replacer - Subterranean Pegasus Blues
Sand Josieph (feat. Lanovran & SiminaCindy) - Daddy Discord
Silent Night - Paradise
SlyphStorm - Octavia's Overture
SlyphStorm - Pegasus Device
SoGreatAndPowerful - E48
Synthis - Broken Wings
Synthis (feat. Chi-Chi) - Follow Me
The Combine (feat. Feather) - Pilot Light
The L-Train & Friends - Moonrise
Time Baby - Queen of Nightmares
Tsyolin & Haymarker (feat. EileMonty) - Honesty
TwentyTen - Moving On
Victor Frost - This Day Aria (Colt Version)
Vylet Pony, LilyCloud - Fall to the Clouds
Warbalist - Faithful and Strong
YourEnigma (feat. Rhyme Flow) - On Hold
It's stuff like this that make me wish I could actually sing.
- RedEnchilada

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