My Little Investigations Case 1 Released

 That's right. After almost three years in development, My Little Investigations - the fandom's premier Phoenix Wright-inspired adventure game, from Equestrian Dreamers - has finally released its first case, True Blue Scootaloo. They also have the soundtrack, as well as the source code for both the current version and the previous Java-based version, available for download.

 This case has been a long time coming, and I could go on about how excited I've been, but I think I'll save that for a review. For now, I'm just going to point you guys over to their Downloads page to get it for yourself. See their announcement below the break. (Or just read it on their site...)

That’s right! After almost three years in development, the first case in My Little Investigations is finally ready to be released to the public!
I’m sure the first thing that you’re looking for is a download link, so you can find that here:
At that link, you can find four things:
  1. The game executable itself plus case 1
  2. The soundtrack to case 1, composed by Trot Pilgrim
  3. Source code for the game executable
  4. Source code for the (now-defunct) Java case compiler (+ game implementation)
If you just want to play the game, the first item is what you want. Highly recommended is the second option, as Trot Pilgrim did an awfully fine job scoring the game. If you’re interested in exactly how the game works or are interested in any specific functionality therein, the third option will give you that. And if you’re academically curious, the fourth option contains the source code both for the initial Java demo of the game, and of the case compiler in Java that I’ve been using to compile the first case. It’s very bare-bones and is really not very good, and is entirely unsupported – now that case 1 is released, work on a proper case creator is underway in earnest – so only the most curious and adventurous will find anything there. Still, we included it for the sake of completeness.
If you’d like to discuss the game, don’t forget to check out our forum! Talk about MLI, about MLP:FiM in general, or about general things with other fans is all welcome!
Finally, I’d like to mention that we also now have a Twitter account, @EqDreamers! We’ll be using that account both to alert fans to new posts here, news about MLI, or just general communication with others. So, following us is definitely encouraged. :)

We’ll have more to post about in the coming days, but that’s probably more than enough for right now. Enjoy!
 Stay tuned for our review in the coming days. I'm off to give the game a spin!
- RedEnchilada

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