Celestia's Cake Golf Adventure in Space

Woo, cake.

 I was pleasantly surprised to hear that futzi01 would be participating in the MLGD marathon; this odd little game of interplanetary golf is probably one of his better recent creations (most of which were unfortunately a tad dull). It starts off well enough and introduces some interesting gameplay mechanics as it goes along, but suffers from a massive difficulty spike partway through the game that would make bring the chosen undead to his knees. This probably has something to do with the game's being created within several days and there not being too much time for playtesting, so it's still pretty impressive: just don't expect a superbly polished experience.

 Also, I thought I might as well use this spot to apologize to Wishdream for how harsh the "compilation" post turned out. There's more I'd say, but it's probably best that things be worked out in private conversation than on here.
- Tuxxy

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