Rainbow Dash Cloud Attack [Android]

Well, this is apparently the first My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Game to come out on the Android. Now, I do not actually own an Android, so I can't properly review the game, but I'll just repeat what some others said.

The game was made well, and while the touch screen controlls can be a little difficult and buggy, the tilt controls works really well with the game. There is a distinct lack of music and sounds, more than a few people noticed. The biggest problem with the game was the Ad, it completely blocked out the score so it was impossible to see how well you've done. Overall, the game was extremely well made, one of the better Cloud Destroying Arcade games out there.

I can't really score it without actually playing the game, but it's gotten a very good review on the Android Page, so I'd say it's more than worth getting.
- Strawberry Spice

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