Super Smash Ponies - Rarity

 Looks like the Super Smash Ponies development team thought now would be a good time to release some footage of Rarity, and boy were they right. It looks incredible so far, and while I doubt it'll reach Fighting is Magic-levels of greatness it should still make for one great fighting game. Then again, they're two entirely different types of fighting game, so I really shouldn't compare the two projects to each other... Also, I kind of feel sorry for Applejack in this trailer. Why does everypony always seem to pick on the poor gal? It's not like she's done any harm to anypony, unless you count that "baked bads" incident.

Twilight being nervous
Nope, I totally don't have any secret info on the game that can't be revealed to the public just yet. Why would you think that?
- Tuxxy

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