Questria: Princess Destiny on Indiegogo

Ok, so I'm late on this one - I blame my long hiatus. However, for those of you who still haven't heard, the developers of the stalled project Questria have put together a really impressive presentation and game trailer over on Indiegogo.

The project titled Questria has been in the works for a long time - originally, it was planned as a 3D pony game, until the developers officially detached the project from the My Little Pony name. Now, it seems the game has re-emerged with all pony-related vocabulary and trademarks conspicuously absent - but the developers seem to be toeing the copyright line as close as possible.

The new Questria trailer shows off some impressive art and 3D gameplay, and the project seems polished and well-organized. However, with character art that humanizes the mane six down to the horns, and names like Trix, Sirelestia and Twibright Spankle, it seems likely that this project is headed for a C&D notice down the road. Hopefully, the team knows what they've gotten themselves into. Check it out!
- Arctic Lux

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