Updates: Ponyplace/Nightfall Beta 2


Scootaloo's bringing the news! That, or I needed an excuse to use this vector.

Important updates from the Ponyplace and Nightfall projects after the break!

After a long hiatus, Ponyplace is back! The layout of rooms and character selection is much the same, but accounts are now handled through your gmail via Mozilla Persona. 

When I logged on, the site seemed much better regulated than its former incarnation, with several mods patrolling the chat rooms. Whether you'd care to try out the new classroom minigame or just shoot the breeze, it's worth a look!

Hot on the heels of the original, Nightfall's second beta release is here! It's always nice to see frequent updates of a game incorporating gamer feedback, and bodes well for the project's success in the future. Notable upgrades include ten more nights, doubling the original number, and a new mercenary system. Also added are some new keyboard controls and several balancing measures.

For more screenshots and a full list of new stuff, check out the release post and give the game a whirl!
- Arctic Lux

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