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Gates of Tartarus

 After his latest game received negative reception from us a week ago, Bhaalspawn finally decided that it'd be a good time to fix up his game after letting it sit for several months, and has released a new patch for it that apparently addresses most of my complaints from the review. I haven't tested it out myself, but if you were disappointed with the previous version, now might be a good time to give it a second chance.

Release notes below the break.

  • -Game Data is no longer encrypted 
  •  -RPG Maker VX Ace RTP is no longer included in the game files 
  • -Several dungeon maps not accessible to the player can be viewed in RPG Maker 
  • -Due to popular request, the Game Over screen and music can be reverted to it’s 0.2 state if the player so wishes. See the Customization Folder for instructions. 

  • -The Healing Pool in the first Hub is no longer made of colored concrete. 
  • -The Lighting Engine should no longer bleed into maps where it isn’t programmed. 
  • -FlutterShed’s level has had it’s lighting bugs fixed. 
  • -FlutterShed’s level no longer traps the player inside it’s map. 
  • -"Stunned" is no longer overwritten by every other state in the game. 
  • -The game should no longer CTD when attempting to flee an encounter. 
  • -Several events have had their animations improved 
  •  -Trixie Lulamoon’s dungeon has been added, with plans to expand it in the future. 
  •  -Queen Chrysalis’ dungeon has been given more detail. 
  • -Quest Journal has been added to give context to what the player is doing until cutscenes are added. 
  • -FlutterShed, Queen Chrysalis, and Trixie Lulamoon have been removed from the testing area.
  • -Nightmare Moon has been added as a boss in the Test Area. 
  • Speak to Ascentia to test her boss fight. 
  • -The Matriarch has been added as a boss in the Test Area. Speak to Ascentia to test her boss fight.
  • -King Sombra has been added as a two-phase boss in the Test Area. Speak to Ascentia to test his boss fight. 
  • -Sunset Shimmer has been added as a three-phrase boss in the Test Area. Speak to Ascentia to test this boss fight. 

  • -"Bandage" has been removed from the game entirely. 
  • -Character skill progression has been more thouroughly fleshed out. 
  • -All bosses now strike 2 times per turn, with a 50% chance to strike a third time. 
  • -The ghosts in the third dungeon are no longer visible, and can be fled from in battle. 
  • -Spiderling encounters have been added to the third dungeon. 
  • -Several bosses have had their battler sprites replaced with MLP-themed monsters. 
  • -The third dungeon boss has not has it’s battlers replaced yet. Thinking of replacing the boss with a survival-style parasprite horde. 
  • The player can now choose between playing on Normal Mode, and Permadeath Mode (Reviving dead party members is no longer possible)
  • The intro cinematic can now be skipped. Praise Celestia!

  • -Trixie’s boss fight behaves differently if the player has found the Alicorn Amulet. 
  • -Trixie now has a 35% passive chance to reflect magic attacks made against her. 

  • -Chrysalis’ health and attack power has been increased. 
  • -Spawned Changelings have more health and attack power.
- Tuxxy

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