Pon-E3 Promo Video!

Yes folks, we just went though the trouble of putting together another of those trailers just to reveal who is attending Pon-E3. Why didn't we just put it in text like the other announcements? Because videos have been scientifically proven by totally reliable sources to be 20% cooler then plain text when used for announcements, that's why! And if you disagree with us, you can take it up with my cat (he's quite smart you know).

Anyhow, the event will start at 6:00am, PST on July 13, and end at 6:00pm, PST on the 14th. The entire thing will take place online and it won't cost you a cent to drop in. And in case you want a detailed schedule of the event you can find it at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TlIHQqEOlpF_y5LGVekI8LizpRcU5Gq3NMgwnV8WcAE/edit?pli=1.

See you there!
- Tuxxy

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