Pon-E3 Compilation Post #2

To round off Pon-E3, we have our second of two compilation posts, containing user submitted games in development. You can check them out after the break!
Celestial Interactive
Warfare is Magic

A Real Time Strategy Game set in the days of yore,when the three tribes of Unicorns, Pegasi, and the Earth Ponies squabbled over their petty differences. Build your base, gather your resources, see your favorite characters from “Hearth’s Warming Eve” in action, and command a vast army (or even air force!) in order to crush your opponents! With diverse maps, game modes (including complete and functioning multiplayer!), and more than one way to win (all currently in development), Warfare is Magic promises a fun and unique experience that anypony with a knack for strategy can enjoy! http://celestial-interactive.blogspot.com/ 

To Coool
MLP: The Descent of Chaos

Take control of your own pony, and fight along the Mane 6 in a quest to stop Discord's madness yet again. But what happens when an oh so familiar enemy also comes back? http://slawrence.x10.mx/wp/?page_id=8

Nicholas Hydock
Equestrian Fantasy - The Six Bearers of Harmony

The game has no real official name, though I have dubbed it "Equestrian Fantasy - The Six Bearers of Harmony" in the code.  What it is is a Final Fantasy 1 clone built from the ground up in Java that's featuring ponies.  Mechanics are as precise as I've been able to get it, menus are pixel perfect, and graphically we tried limiting it to an 8-bit colour palette.  All the code is free, open-source, and documented, but the engine is still in development needing things such as NPC scripting.   It was also previewed at Too Many Games 2012. http://www.ponychan.net/chan/collab/res/34349.html. https://github.com/nhydock/FF1-Battle-System

Gardens of Equestria Creation Team
Fallout: Equestria - A Post Megaspell Role Playing Game

Friendship. Friendship never changes.
Fallout: Equestria – A Post Megaspell Role Playing Game brings the experiences of
Kkat’s Equestrian Wasteland to pen and paper role playing. Fallout’s SPECIAL flavor
combines with the d20 System to place stable dwellers and toaster repair ponies into the
hands of players. APMRPG is a toolkit to explore the most intense story of the wastes:
APMRPG is looking for playtesters and artists to raise the game to the high standards you
expect from the Brony fandom. Come by our website to talk with the designers and see
the latest alpha edition of the rules. http://d20foeapmrpg.blogspot.com

Matt Davis
Project Awakening

Project Awakening is a brony fan game that features crossover elements of Mega Man and Mario. The game also features a cast of 30+ ponies and plenty of secrets to keep people busy for quite a while. It will also include online highscores and 20+ levels. 

Manestream Games
Cutie Mark Crusade: A Dash of Adventure

Cutie Mark Crusade: A Dash of Adventure is an old-school, adventure-style game inspired by the Lucas Arts point-and-click games of old with a smattering of ponies applied liberally. Developed by the good folks at Manestream Games, CMC:ADA features everyone’s favorite frivolous filly threesome exploring Ponyville and its outskirts in search of a certain wayward high-flying mare. Details about the game, including concept art, development updates, and a playable demo can be found at www.manestreamgames.com.

Dialga Brite
Precure Magica: Deconstruction of Discord

This is a turn based rpg that combines Precure characters with Madoka Magica. My goal here is to stand against the fact that Magoka Magica was made to look innocent but turned dark (like Luna Game does). So I decided to make things light and have their hearts be opened by the precure... and say that the darkness of Madoka Magica was all caused by guess who? Discoooooord!
for the sake of showing you the core of the pony stuff so far:

Dialga Brite
Precure: Passion of Discord

I can't give much of a description yet but you play as Cure Passion and the gameplay is platformer and similar to meloetta. the tag line is "It takes Passion to cure a passionate Discord."
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Precure-Passion-of-Discord/201209526668198

Dialga Brite
Meloetta: Melody of Discord

This is a mix of a maze game and a platform game depending on the playable character (meloetta = 8 directions movement, everyone else = platform). Meloetta (a pokemon) was tricked by Discord into singing a song to wake him up so now she must make things right again. You can also play as Pinkie Pie and Hatsune Miku. The player has a special meter that fills up by collecting music notes and when its full you can use a special attack that makes lots of music. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/MelodyofDiscord
Download demo (has a lot of stages up through stage 5-3): http://biancagames.com/Meloetta.zip

AP Designs
Aftermath of the Elements

This 2D platform game will enable the player to create their own character.  You will be able to choose options based on what the player may decide during the game instead of just walking around with the same character each time.  The new character will appear as a result of the final battle of the 2 part opening episode of MLP.  Choosing magic, flight or land abilities will mean you can access different areas and fight different enemies in each stage.

Eyecreate Studios
Harmony Squad

Description: A 3D Action/Adventure/RPG game in development. Follow the "mane 6" as they help try and restore harmony to Equestria after a mysterious infiltrator wrecks havoc in the kingdom with this magic called "technology". Play as any/all the ponies, collecting items and solving the mysteries of this event. What does Equestria's lost history reveal about this mysterious saboteur? http://projects.eyecreate.org/.projects/harmonysquad.

Penta Studios
Rainbow Dash: Pony Disaster

- Enigma Sage

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