Review: Twilight Sparkle: Pest Exterminator

In light of the encroaching parasprite swarms, a desperate Princess Celestia grants Twilight Sparkle a new spell. Now, anything that stands in her way will be "obliterated into tiny bits of dust." Made by the notorious InfinityDash, this game features cute bunnies, bloodthirsty pests, and one trigger-happy purple unicorn. 

Spine-manglingly stoked yet? Read on after the break!

Twilight Sparkle: Pest Exterminator is a simple shooter with relatively straightforward gameplay. Dodge and weave your way around the screen, blasting away at parasprites to clear each level. Although incinerating the occasional bunny is fun, saving them instead refills the blue bar at the top of the screen, allowing you to temporarily transform into gatling pony mode. The bunnies' vulnerability is cheekily irritating: seemingly without fail, your current rapidfire attack will accidentally destroy the bunny needed to charge your next.

One thing the game has going for it is a well-crafted difficulty ramp. Parasprites quickly get tougher and faster as the levels progress, and beating the game's 10 levels is challenging, but not impossible. When you're engulfed by a wave of demonic parasprites and your health bar is emptied, the screen flashes red, indicating that Twilight has given up and invited the parasprites over for cherry kool-aid.

No! Not the bees!

Ponies and blowing up things both have a certain undeniable allure, which they pass along to this game. While short and simple, it's fun due to it's solid mechanics. Twilight Sparkle: Pest Exterminator is surely worth a play, and thus earns a sturdy 6/10. Happy blasting!

- Arctic Lux

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