MLP FiM: The Lost Kingdom


A short while back I was browsing the "Other Friendship is Magic Fangames" over at TvTropes when I found a relatively unknown RPG sitting on the page. Curious, I followed the link to the game's website and I discovered that it was actually quite impressive and (surprisingly enough) is still under active development! What's more is that the game's demo is in a complete state other then the music, so we can probably expect it fairly soon. Apparently they're also porting it to Mac OS X/Linux, which is a really nice change for those of us non-Windows users who feel left out whenever another great fangame is released and can't run under wine.

Anyhow more details can be found over at the game's blog over at, which I highly recommend reading since they've posted some really cool stuff over there. Good day!
- Tuxxy

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