PurpleTinker's Quack Quest

Play it exclusively on the Equestria Gaming Arcade

Usually over at Equestria Gaming we post fangames, not make them. However Xtux was rather bored a couple nights back so he created a cheap fangame starring PurpleTinker, founder of BroNYCon, as she goes around chasing ducks. Why does the woman like ducks so much? Apparently some stupid people over at Memegenerator tried making a forced Purple Tinker meme but it was hijacked by somepony who turned the PT-hating into jokes about ducks. So there's a lesson for future generations: never make a forced meme unless you want it hijacked by trolls.

Anyway, the game can be played exclusively over at our Arcade. Hope you find it at least somewhat amusing. Night!
- Tuxxy

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