Legends of Equestria - Pre Alpha Update (August 2012)

Legends of Equestria

Everypony loves Legends of Equestria, and if you don't then this update might just convince you to follow this game more carefully. They show off a ton of new features such as the inventory system, a new flight system, an upgraded Everfree Forest, fireballs, and a visitable Tartarus! Sadly enough there is still no release date in sight, but I'd rather have a well-polished game later then a buggy and unfinished MMO now.

And one more thing. It keeps bothering me in that the game has a very distinct lack of cartoon shading for the ponies, and without it they look rather...ugly in their current, untextured state (no offense). Perhaps they should look into a similar shading system as what PonyKart uses, eh?
- Tuxxy

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