EQG at Everfree Wrap-up

Successful con? Definitely.

A huge round of brohoofs to all of you who turned out and made Everfree Northwest a rousing success! Everyone we met was cheerful and upbeat, and even if you didn't run into our little delegation, we hope you had a fantastic time. 

Pony gaming was in full swing at the 24-hour gaming room when we arrived, and between Super Smash Bros., karaoke, ponified games of Magic: the Gathering and the Fighting is Magic leaked beta, it stayed packed the whole day. We even witnessed a few massive sing-a-longs. 

Unfortunately, due to Enigma's underhanded tactics and the severe lack of best pony in the game at the time of the leak, I lost our Equestria Gaming Fighting is Magic grudge match. Good thing the con comes around again in less than a year - hope to see you all there!
- Arctic Lux

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