My Little Investigations at Pon-E3

Hi all! GabuEx here for My Little Investigations.

We're hard at work getting more of the first case in our game ready, and while we're unfortunately not quite yet at a stage where we can show anything comprehensive quite yet, we definitely have some tidbits that we can share with you to keep you going while we work. You can find it all after the break!

First off, though, a bit of a primer if you've never come in contact with My Little Investigations before.  My Little Investigations is an MLP:FiM fan game with gameplay quite strongly based on the hit Ace Attorney series, and more specifically Ace Attorney Investigations.  The game stars Twilight Sparkle, who becomes an Equestrian investigator, solving crimes in around Ponyville.

The game is intended to evoke the same style and charm that bronies from all over fell in love with from the show - so, as a result, it does shy away from the blood and death that typifies your average Ace Attorney case.  That doesn't mean its cases will all be kids' stuff, though - we've got quite a few meaningful cases planned already.  In case 1, which is well underway now, Rarity's prized jewel, the True Blue - a monster sapphire - was stolen from her in the dead of the night, and Scootaloo is the suspect.  It's up to Twilight to find the real culprit and bring them to justice!

If this interests you thus far, and you haven't already seen it, then we've already released a case 1 demo, which you can pick up here:

So, that's old stuff; how about new stuff?  Well, so far, in the case 1 demo, you've already interrogated Apple Bloom about what she was doing and what she saw the night of the crime.  And you then pressed Rarity for what she saw, too, after presenting her with evidence that she's holding out.  The best is most certainly still yet to come, however, as the case is just getting started!

To start with, in the remainder of the case, you'll be seeing quite a few new characters:

Not only that, you'll be seeing new places:

But most of all, you'll be seeing new insights into familiar characters, including Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo, and others:

And of course, new music, as well:

And that's not all - we also have a brand new team member whom you'll certainly be seeing material from in the coming days, as well - after the case 1 demo went live, we recruited X-Trav as an audio engineer, to be the master of all things audio.  He's already done some wonderful work mastering our VAs' vocal work:

But not only that, he's also got some great ideas in store for sound effects for the game, as well.  Here's a proof of concept he put together to give you a preview of what you might see in future iterations of the game:

That's all we've got for you for right now, but don't worry - you'll be hearing from us again soon enough.  Thanks to everypony for all your support thus far, and thanks to the team for their amazing hard work.

Wave goodbye, Pinkie!

GabuEx out.

- Enigma Sage

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