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Hello and Thank You!

Hello and thank you for joining us!  My name is Earth_Pony and I will be your host today, bringing you plenty of news about our exciting new game, Mock Equestrian Wars!  Before we kick off this event, however, I would like to thank our gracious hosts Enigma Sage and all of the Equestria Gaming crew for putting this together, we’re honored to be here.  If you’ve never been there before, I would highly encourage you to visit their website.  Equestria Gaming is easily the number one source for all gaming news within the Brony Community.  Thank you guys for everything you do!

Project Overview

Now, just what is Mock Equestrian Wars?  This game is technically known as a Simultaneous Turn Based Strategy MMO.  What does this mean? Essentially, gameplay is mostly composed of tactical, squad based strategy, placed in the context of a full-scale (mock) war. Each game has the capacity for hundreds of players, with two sides contesting for control of the map.  Games are expected to last up to two weeks, ending only when one side achieves victory.  Massive, player coordinated strategies will pan out, resulting in glorious victory! ...or miserable defeat.  Players must come together to achieve user-set objectives, capturing strategic points, collecting valuable resources, and waging full fledged battles against enemy squads.  Work your way up the ranks and you may find yourself in a position of leadership, becoming responsible for strategy in your local area or even, if you’ve proven yourself capable, oversee the entire battlefield operations.

Player Tiers and Roles

MEW features three tiers of play: Squad leaders, Captains and Commanders.  Each tier comes with its own set of responsibilities and roles.  In addition, leadership roles are given only to the individuals who have demonstrated good leadership ability and have earned the respect of their peers.  Now for the specifics of the three tiers:

Starting with squads, these are the players responsible for working with one another to accomplish objectives and consist of a single player plus up to 9 controllable units.  Squads are frequently pitted against enemy squads when in skirmishes, and such encounters make up the majority of the game.

Next up are the Captains.  These players control only their own pony, but also command up to 10 nearby squads.  Captains will be able to use skills on the battle map to do damage to enemy squads or to aid allied squads through various means.

Finally we have the Commanders, which are the top tier of leadership in the mock war environment.  Each side will have only three of these high ranking officers, whose responsibilities include the management and coordination of the entire war effort.  Usually operating within buildings, Commanders issue orders to Captains regarding construction, resource disbursement, battle tactics, and game strategy, but can also use their royal guard squad to go out in the field for combat purposes, providing a powerful stat boost to nearby allies.

Victory Conditions

There are three ways in which victory can be achieved in Mock Equestrian Wars.  The first of such methods would be the defeat of two of the enemy Commanders.  This may prove a difficult feat, however, as Commanders are extremely well guarded and have many resources at their disposal.  Another method would be to destroy the opponent's Headquarters.  The final path to victory would be the conquest of a significant portion of the world map, achieved through gaining control of the various flags and outposts spread throughout the landscape.  All three methods offer serious challenge and require team coordination and organization to achieve victory.

Project History
Now, I am aware that our project is a bit “out-of-the-blue” for some of you, so let me share with you the story of how our project came to be.  Mock Equestrian Wars stems out of a discussion question posted to Equestria Daily back in early January.  The question pertained to what role you (the reader) would like to take were you transformed into a pony and thrown into a giant, full-scale equestrian war.  The question was very popular, as evidenced by the hundreds of individual comments and responses which followed the post.  Among the interested was Ryex, our project leader, who would organize a brainstorm a few days later to explore the possibility of making a game out of the “Equestrian War” concept.

- Enigma Sage

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