Ponies in your Interwebs (Javascript)

Ponies in your Interwebs
There's one thing on earth that has a near 100% success rate in improving any given webpage. Adding platformer ponies. That's right, platformer ponies. This handy piece of Javascript, which you put in your bookmarks bar and works on Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Opera, will turn any webpage into a platformer, based off of Adventure Ponies, with any images, text, etc. forming the platforms.

Your goal is to rescue the CMC from the bottom of the page and bring them back up to the top, racking up points and vanquishing Diamond Dogs in the process. You can choose any of the mane six to play as, each with their own unique special abilities. We suggest playing an MLP fangame while running this to achieve a new level of gaming while gaming.
- Enigma Sage

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