20% Faster

 Some brave anon took it upon himself to delve into /collab/ once more to see if he could find anything worthwhile, and he stumbled across some Korean student's pet project: a 3D engine that he wants to use for a Rainbow Dash game someday. The preview video looks pretty neat for the most part, although until he can find a 3D modeller who is willing to help him this will remain nothing but a fairly nice tech demo. 'Tis a shame, I know, but they're kind of in short supply right now and the majority of the ones I know are already busy working their butts off on Legends of Equestria or their own personal projects.

There's more info about the game on the developer's blog, which can be found at http://bab2min.tistory.com/ (although you'll probably have to run the page through Google Translate, since it's in Korean).
- Tuxxy

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