Starswirl Academy Goes Completely Non-Pony

Some artwork from the Starswirl Academy blog.
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 After spending a couple months as one of the pony fandom's most popular projects, Hasbro decided to go easy on Starswirl Academy for some reason and ask that the characters be renamed, in addition to some slight modifications to their designs. This means that it is no longer pony-related in the slightest, but is now yet another generic "schoolgirl dating" visual novel with not much going for it aside from its pretty art and the reasonable cost of $0. They've taken down all their trailers and demos from the internet, by the way, so you might want to hang onto your copy for now.

Before you ask, this does mean that yes, we won't be posting about Starswirl Academy anymore (unless an "unofficial mod" comes out to make some...erm, adjustments to the VN).

 It'd be amusing if they ended up renaming the characters really close to the original, in the Fnagame tradition, because we totally need to see more of Twibright Spankle and her friends.

- Tuxxy

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