Press Release: Equestrian Robotics

 The Equestrian Robotics Initiative is proud to unveil its face to the world-wide internet. We are now announcing our brand-new site, which can be found at This site, we hope, will provide answers about our many upcoming projects and products to make the speedy recovery of our world smoother for all.

 As always, questions and comments can bseasoned via our twitter account, @EQRobotics. We appreciate all feedback we receive regardless of any profanity-laced responses that come from Jay’s desk. Please don’t sue.

– From the desk of Dr. Atelier.

 The indefatigable minds at Starlight Studios have created some new content concerning popular retirement simulator/action game for reprogrammable computers, Megamare-X. The site has been a project of theirs since the events of BronyCon 2013, and will be updated with in-universe, in-character game info concerning the rich world of Equestria 21XX. As the game draws closer to its completion, the blog will become more and more relevent to the events of the game, and will eventually serve as a direct portal for download and support as well.
- Tuxxy

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