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 It seems that more progress has been made with Nightfall, as can be seen in the new gameplay video. Several new features have been implemented, such as a rudimentary Day/Night cycle. It's not nearly as nice as the one in Pony Wings, but at least it should do well enough for now. One of the developers also told us that the game will have bosses, which should be rather...interesting. Frankly, there aren't enough fangames with bosses these days, and this disappoints me.

I would write more, but I have a headache. Instead of writing more interesting stuff, I shoved some copypasta from Silly Mare Games below the break. Enjoy?

Hello there! 
I'm Night Breeze from Silly Mare Games, creator of a few previous games like Stroll, My Little Rhythm and Harmony PCG, and I'm glad to announce my new project: Nightfall. 
Nightfall is a 2D platforming game featuring Pinkie Pie, but it's not the usual idea of a platformer. You can think about it as a mix of Terraria or Minecraft and a tower defense game, if you may, but it's still not quite like that either. 
I'll give you a quick description (and I excuse myself beforehand, as English isn't my main language). 
In this game, the main objective so far is to survive. You play as Pinkie in a huge randomly generated world, and along the day you may explore, collect items and build yourself a fortress with many different type of blocks, being dirt, stone, different kinds of turrets, trees, and the like. After 5 real-life minutes, the night comes, and the peaceful ambience of the game goes away. A swarm of enemies will try to get you, destroying everything along the way. You'll have to survive until the sun rises again, by killing the enemies, strategically building your fortress and using the different blocks, collecting money to upgrade your stats, and more. Each night that comes, the enemies will be harder and more frequent, featuring even bosses along the way, and you'll have to strategically develop your character and building stats along it to survive. 
Anyway, that's mainly it! The game is still under development, everything is subject to change, and I'd love to know what you think. 
Be sure to check out the embed video if you haven't yet to see the game yourself, and stay tuned for more updates! 
Over and out!
- Tuxxy

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